SunUV Sun 4 Smart Lamp

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Our products have been fully tested and are compatible with the SunUV range of lamps. As the largest global manufacturer of UV/LED nail lamps, SunUV offers efficient and affordable models to suit all budgets and demands. That's why we chose to partner with SunUV in order to offer our customers the same great quality lamps, without the hefty price tag, purchased directly from us! 

Sun 4 Smart Lamp Model

  • 48W power output
  • 36 UV-A and LED bulbs (365nm UV + 405nm LED wavelengths)
  • Auto On/Off
  • 60s / 30s / 10s timers
  • 99s low heat mode 
  • Strategically placed bulbs for optimal curing
  • UK Plug - US & EU plug models coming soon
  • LCD countdown timer
  • 50,000 hours of curing time
  • 1 year warranty
  • Ensure your lamp is in good working order before each use
  • Remove any cured product residue with a lint free pad and IPA solution
  • Switch off power to lamp at the end of each day
  • 1 Year warranty is valid from date of purchase, PAT your lamp each year to ensure it is in good working order and for insurance purposes
  • Do not submerge in water
  • If heat spikes occur, cure product at 99 seconds in Low Heat Mode
Curing Information

Use a 48W UV/LED lamp with a minimum of 365 + 405 nanometers to cure. Cure each coat for 60 seconds. If hands are removed from the lamp during curing, always make up lost seconds with another round of curing. It is not possible to over cure this product.

We recommend the range SunUV lamps as our gels have been fully tested with these lamps.

PAT test your lamp annually and check daily that all bulbs are in good working order and free from cured gel residue.

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