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I absolutely love using the Build & Boost range, nails feel stronger and healthier, they always look fresh and whether topping with a colour or leaving neutral, you just can’t go wrong.

Beautiful beautiful colours, Twenty always absolutely killing the game with colours, application and ingredients! Sulking Room is one of the most underrated tones and is stunning

Lovely Product

Lovely product to use, nice sheer natural colour

La Vida Loca
Mel James
Summer Vibes!!!

If ever there were a perfect Summer colours, this is it!!! Love ❤️

Such a beautiful colour and so easy to apply!

Absolutely loving these builders, if you’re thinking about giving them a go, definitely do!!


Applys and self levels beautifully. So easy to work, I live this product!


An unusual colour but I really like it, will be great in summer and autumn

A bright green, great for spring and summer


A bright bold purple, easy to apply

Very sheer pale pink, one of my favourites

The most beautiful lilac, really easy to apply and great coverage

Beauiful Green!

I'm a total sucker for greens anyway but this is such a beautiful, fresh shade, perfectly spring! 😍

Dreamy application

L0VE, L0VE, L0VE!!!

Stage Door

Beautiful gel colour, that goes on like a dream.


The perfect balance of pigment and sheer! I love the original builders from TWENTY but I am so happy they have also brought out these stunning shades that are perfect for spring and summer! The lilac and blue are my faves!! thank you TWENTY xx

The only product so far that I've not been overly impressed with, does the job but feels a little bulky and awkward to use, maybe a handled version would give better control. 🤗

Another great product. :)
I do still like to wipe off everything, despite it being a non-wipe product, as one of my steps to try to keep my clients allergy safe. Love the shine! ✨️

Such a Gorgeous shade. Yet again, applies beautifully. I love these products. :)

Beautiful bright blue, great coverage

Limitless - BUILD & BOOST™
Samantha Gore-Jones
Beautiful 😍

This gorgeous product applies like a dream and the sparkle is a lovely addition to a subtle bit of extra. I purchased this to trial and now I cannot wait to add more to my collection!

Gorgeous colour

Beautiful light pink, application a bit more tricky as thicker but once you warm it up - perfect. Lasts forever!

Coconut milk

Easy to use looks beautiful and milky. Love this brand!

No words

You will understand the comment completely when you use the stunning product.

Leanne Graham
Soft and beautiful

My clients are loving it - perfect everyday and everything colour x

Beautiful shimmer for spring

Beautiful colour and love a subtle but visible shimmer. Application requires a bit of learning and the right brush but it's worth. I am in love with Twenty and ordered several more colours and builders