Here at TWENTY™ we feel that full transparency of our products and manufacturing process is essential to giving customers peace of mind over the products they use on their clients. We started TWENTY™ so that we could bring the latest, hottest trends in nail design to our customers without compromising on quality, safety and efficacy.

HEMA Free Collection

Our HEMA free range, launched in July 2023 is manufactured in Europe by a leading manufacturer in the industry with over 20 years experience in bringing top quality nail products to the international market. All cosmetics products placed onto the UK market must be manufactured in accordance with the EU Cosmetic Regulations 1223/2009 and the manufacturer themselves must have the accreditation of ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure all products have been independently assessed and approved as safe to use. Of course, ours are no exception and all of our manufacturers in both Europe and Asia comply with these strict regulations.  

Main Range

Our initial range of products, including gel colour, BUILD & BOOST™ and gel glitter, launched in January 2023 and are manufactured in China, again in accordance to strict global manufacturing regulations. With 20 years experience in the manufacturing of traditional and gel nail polish and a chain of 1500, renowned nail salons across Hong Kong & China our supplier has the capacity, knowledge and infrastructure to produce exceptional quality products as well as innovate new and exciting ranges that allow us to bring you the latest, in-demand products that make your clients feel incredible.

Predominantly working with brands in the US and Europe, as well as their own in-house brand, they have collaboratively created incredible products that are known and loved globally.

We have worked closely with the company's Research & Development department and team of cosmetic consultants to tweak, test and perfect our gel polish formulation which has resulted in a product that is buttery smooth, long lasting and a pleasure to work with.

Quality Control

Each product manufactured in our factory must undergo a CPSR (Cosmetic Product Safety Report) according to EU Cosmetic Regulations 1223/2009, the company that carries out this report is SGS, a renowned global product testing organisation who confirm the toxicological profile, the chemical structure and the level of each ingredient are safe for the end user.

Furthermore, SGS assess and inspect the manufacturing space annually and award the accreditation of ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for cosmetics, ensuring the production, control, storage and shipment of products meets the correct criteria. ISO stands for International Organisation of Standardisation, a worldwide federation who develop international standards by which all accredited manufacturers must adhere to when producing goods in order to ensure manufacturing practices are upheld to the same standard, regardless of country of origin. 

Click to download the SGS CSPR and ISO 22716 information.

UK Testing & Compliance Requirements

Once products arrive in the UK, we work with a independent, third party cosmetic consultancy who put our products through another round of assessments and testing to further confirm that are products are safe for use as well as registering them on the UK Government's CPNP (Cosmetic Product Notification Portal) that informs the OPSS (Office for Product Safety & Standards) of any new products on the market. All cosmetic products sold in the UK, along with their respective ingredients, must be added to this portal by law.

PIF (product information files) are also compiled which feature product safety assessments, descriptions on the method of manufacturing, a statement of compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (ISO 22716) and proof of non animal testing. 

We are committed to offering safe, effective and quality products and are delighted to work with a manufacturer that shares those values and maintains a high level of safe working practices at all times. We strive to provide our customers with the knowledge they require to make an informed, considered decision on the brand they choose to work with.

If you have any further questions on our manufacturing practices, please feel free to email us at where we will be happy to provide any further information you many require.








April 19, 2023 — TEAM TWENTY™

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