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Elle is what you envisage of a true, healthy nude; a milky rosy pink that universally flatters all and any skin tone, exquisite as a base for nail art but equally as gorj with a slick of glossy top coat. Her semi-opaque consistency will blur the features of the natural nail with only a thin coat, and hide them completely with a sculpted overlay. Perfect for a french and as a natural base.

Pro tip! - Use the TWENTY™ 'Brush D' detail brush or 'Brush L' fine-liner brush for precise and flawless application of BUILD & BOOST™

  • Bottled builder gel formula
  • Can be used as a base coat for gel colour for extra strength
  • UV / LED curable
  • No need for base coat or primer
  • Soaked off or infilled
  • Long lasting wear
  • Use to sculpt short to medium length extensions with tips or forms
  • Silky smooth application
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free

Use with a TWENTY™ top coat to ensure the gel application is complete.

One 18ml bottle achieves up to 55 sets, depending on amount of coats applied.


Colour Representation:

We work hard to ensure the colour shown on screen matches the product as closely as possible. However, colours may vary slightly to the physical product due to differences in screen resolution on varying devices. 

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Ingredients & Cautions

This product contains HEMA, do not use on those with a HEMA or acrylate sensitivity.

Always wear non permeable, nitrile gloves when handling any UV gel product.

Only apply to healthy nails.

Avoid all contact with skin. If contact with skin occurs, remove immediately.

Do not cure nails with product on the skin.

Use a 36W UV/LED lamp with a minimum of 365 + 405 nanometers to cure. Cure for 99 seconds in low heat mode to prevent heat spikes. If hands are removed from the lamp during curing, always make up lost seconds with another round of curing. It is not possible to over cure this product.

Remove gloves using a 'no touch method' i.e. do not pull from the fingertips where you could touch transferred product, pull down from the wrist, turning the glove inside out and dispose of in general waste. Always use a fresh pair of gloves for each client.

Always wash both yours and your client's hands with warm, soapy water after the final application of top coat and before any hand creams or cuticle oils are applied

Our products are for use by qualified nail professionals only


Di-Hema Trimethylhexyl Dicarbamate, Isobornyl Methacrylate, Hydroxypropyl Methacrylate, HEMA, Hydroxycyclohexyl Phenyl Ketone, Ethyl Trimethylbenzoyl

Phenylphosphinate, CI 77891,

CI 19140, CI 74260, CI 77266, CI 74160, CI 73360, CI 60725, CI 15880

Curing Information

Use a 36W UV/LED lamp with a minimum of 365 + 405 nanometers to cure. Cure each coat for 99 seconds in low heat mode to prevent heat spikes. If hands are removed from the lamp during curing, always make up lost seconds with another round of curing. It is not possible to over cure this product.

We recommend the range SunUV lamps as our gels have been fully tested with these lamps.

PAT test your lamp annually and check daily that all bulbs are in good working order and free from cured gel residue.

Application Guides

Proper application of UV gel polish is crucial to achieving that perfect long-lasting manicure and more importantly, preventing allergies and infections. Download our handy application guide to ensure you're getting the most from our products!

We advise curing our gel colour, glitters and BUILD & BOOST™ in a 48W UV/LED lamp with a minimum of 365 nanometers to ensure all products are fully cured. It is also recommended that our BUILD & BOOST™ range is cured in a 99 second low heat mode to help prevent heat spikes and ensure the product is completely cured.


- Finish with TWENTY Glass No-Wipe Top Coat

- Use a cuticle oil daily to prevent lifting and chipping

- Avoid swimmng and hot tubs for 48 hours after application

- Use gloves when cleaning with harsh chemicals to protect nails

- Do not pick at polish, this may cause damage to the natural nail.

- Do not use nails as tools, this can cause damage to the natural nails

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I absolutely love using the Build & Boost range, nails feel stronger and healthier, they always look fresh and whether topping with a colour or leaving neutral, you just can’t go wrong.


Very sheer pale pink, one of my favourites

Roshni Chouhan
Elle is a dream!

Elle is a perfect healthy nude shade that give your natural nails a statement within itself. The builder gel application is flawless, very little product is applied without it looking and feeling bulky. It’s the main reason why I love twenty builder gels in general!

Navina K
A must have

Honestly can’t rave enough about these builders. I am always hesitant in trying new products but after recommendations from the top nail tech in the industry who are my mentors. I decided to give it a go. Hello I wish I tried it earlier, it’s simply the best, the gloss is the best. Thank you twenty