Introducing FLEX & BOOST our new HEMA Free, Lightweight Builder Gel

FLEX & BOOST™ is a brand new, HEMA, Di-HEMA, HPMA & IBOA free product to the TWENTY™ family and one that we are delighted to share with you! A lightweight, HEMA free builder gel, FLEX & BOOST™ contains Vitamin E and works as a nail conditioning treatment during wear - promoting nail health, strength and growth. It's the ideal product for clients looking to grow out their natural nails and perfect for beginner nail techs as the application is so easy!

FLEX & BOOST HEMA Free Builder Gel


Vitamin E is a soluble nutrient that helps to condition and nourish the natural nail, resulting in less breakages and healthy nails after removal. The image below shows a natural nail immediately after the removal FLEX & BOOST after two weeks wear.

Conditioned nails


FLEX & BOOST™ can be applied using the same application method as a builder gel but using a much smaller bead to prevent any flooding, or applied in straight coats as a gel polish. We recommend using the HEMA Free Superbond Base Coat with FLEX & BOOST™ for additional adhesion and to promote longevity. The FLEX & BOOST™ formula forms a strong overlay while offering flexibility to prevent breakages. It is not recommended for building out extensions or to be infilled, so it's perfect for the natural nail lovers out there. 

Available in 11, stunning shades including sheer, pearl and glitter finishes, each FLEX & BOOST™ is incredible worn alone, used as a base for frenchies or can be used as a super strong base under gel polish.

Hema free builder gel


We recommend using our HEMA Free Superbond Base Coat with FLEX & BOOST™ to offer additional adhesion and longevity. Prep the nail thoroughly and apply directly. As with all our new HEMA free products, we recommend meticulous preparation of the nail before application due to the fact that the chemicals present in traditional gel polish that are more likely to cause an allergic reaction, but also offer superior adhesion, have been removed. Therefore, a clean and thoroughly prepped nail without any cuticle, debris, oil or shine will be the perfect canvas to ensure long lasting wear.

We recommend 'The Split' 5 in 1 professional nail prep tool by Personaility for next level nail prep. This ingenious tool comes with five essential, interchangeable heads and two handles.  For ease, the heads effortlessly screw into the handles so you can customise their favourite manicure tools with a few simple twists.


Check out our top tips for flawless nail prep below:

1. Push back cuticles starting from the side walls of the nail, working your way into the centre of the nail. Invisible cuticle matter can grow right up into the middle of the nail plate, so it's important to remove this and not just concentrate solely on the cuticle area.

2. Using a cuticle curette, gently pull back the side walls of the nail and work out any remaining cuticle from these areas as well as from the cuticle area itself.

3. Consistently use a dust brush to remove the dead skin from the nail plate as you are working, this allows debris to be removed so you can easily tell when no further cuticle is lifting from the nail as you gently scrape.

4. File the nail into your desired shape, and using a 100/180 grit buffer, gently buff each nail in different directions until you have taken the shine off the natural nail. This will help give the product something to hold on to and aid adhesion.  It is important to concentrate on the sides of nail too, taking care not to buff the skin. You can place your thumb over the cuticle area of to avoid any over buffing and redness.

5. Dust off any remaining debris and using a lint free wipe saturated in nail prep solution, thoroughly wipe each nail individually, taking care that all dust debris is removed from the side walls of the nail. This will help to further remove any oil from and slightly dehydrate the nail, helping to prolong the life of your manicure.

Alternatively, you may consider working with an E-file to speed up your preparation process. Every person has their own preferred method of working and no method is superior to the other, it is simply a matter of personal choice. However, we do know that thorough prep is the KEY to a flawless, long lasting mani, especially when working with HEMA free products such as FLEX & BOOST™.


FLEX & BOOST™ cures in a lamp with a minimum of 36W and 365 and 405 nanometers. They have been tested with SunUV lamps and cure fully at 90 seconds or 99 seconds in low heat mode. If your client removes their hand at any time during the curing process, lost seconds must be made up with another round of curing. Full curing, aftercare and safety guidelines are available on each of our product pages on our website.

We are very excited to introduce you to FLEX & BOOST™ and we can't wait for your feedback on this game changing product, so head over to check out the full collection now.


July 06, 2023 — TEAM TWENTY™

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