Our brand new HEMA Free collection is nearly here and we can't wait share it with you! Manufactured in Europe and free from HEMA, Di-HEMA, HPMA and IBOA the full range features gel colours, shimmers, top and base coats as well as a product new to the TWENTY™ family, FLEX & BOOST™ (read on for more on this little multi-tasking legend).

We know how much you love the consistency and pigmentation of our main collection of gel colours and we have worked closely with our manufacturer to get as close to the same look, feel and longevity with our new HEMA free collection as possible. Free from the four main allergens identified in gel polish, the new collection is suitable for those with previous HEMA sensitivities as well as those suffering from contact dermatitis.

Is the application process of HEMA Free any different?

No, the application process remains the same, but the HEMA free products must be cured for 90 seconds each time. The entire collection has been tested and is fully compatible with 48W SunUV lamps but can also be cured using 36W lamps with an output of 365 and 405 nanometers. If you are using a SunUV lamp, you may cure each coat in the low heat mode setting for 99 seconds for ease, particularly if your client is prone to experiencing heat spikes. 

If a client removes their hands from the lamp at any time during the curing process, make up lost seconds with another round of curing.

Do I have to wear gloves and take safety measures when using the HEMA free products?

Absolutely, yes! Although our HEMA free range does not contain key potential allergens, it is still important to follow safety protocols at all times. This includes using the correct strength lamp for curing, wearing and changing gloves regularly, working on healthy nails only and ensuring your client washes their hands at the end of the treatment before applying cuticle oil.

Safety advice and protocols can be found on each individual product page on our website.

It's all in the prep

HEMA is a monomer which is used for the polymerisation (hardening and adhesion) of gel nail products and has provided us with the superior adhesion and longevity both techs and clients have come to expect over the years. So, naturally, without it (and its counterparts) any HEMA free product will require the meticulous and thorough preparation of the nail to ensure that same, long lasting wear is achieved. 

So, be sure to invest in some top quality prep tools (we love 'The Split' by Personaility) and ensure the nail is completely free of any cuticle, oil and debris before application. The nail must be wiped with a nail prep solution rather than just dusted with a brush, this will help to not only cleanse but dehydrate the nail. This will ensure full adhesion of the product to the nail bed and help to achieve that long lasting wear we all know and love.

Is the removal process different for HEMA Free?

No, the removal process is the same, soak off method used for traditional gel polish but you will find that our HEMA free collection removes very swiftly, in 10 minutes or less, significantly cutting down on appointment time.

Do I have to be a professional to use HEMA Free?

Products containing HEMA, by law, can only be sold to qualified professional nail techs. While our new range is free from HEMA and other potential allergens, we still insist that our customers must be qualified to purchase the collection. We are strong supporters of the nail industry and our customer's livelihoods and believe that the access to our products should remain exclusive to those who have invested time, effort and money into perfecting their craft.

What is FLEX & BOOST™?

FLEX & BOOST™ is new to the TWENTY™ family and is hybrid between gel polish and builder in a bottle. Infused with Vitamin E, FLEX & BOOST™ works as a nail conditioning treatment during wear, promoting nail health, strength and growth. Applied with the same application method as a builder gel but using a much smaller bead to prevent any flooding, the formula forms a strong overlay while offering flexibility to prevent breakages. It is not recommended for building out extensions.

Available in 10, stunning shades including sheer, pearl and glitter finishes, the collection is a must for those with clients looking to improve their natural nail health and strength.

Will you be discontinuing your existing main range of products?

We believe it is important to offer our customers a variety of products to suit their individual needs, so we will continue to offer our existing main range of products that contain HEMA as well as adding to our HEMA free collection seasonally. So stay tuned for more exciting product releases in both collections!

We are truly so excited to be adding HEMA free to our full range of products and look forward to growing the collection with feedback from our incredible customers (that's you guys!). 

Head over and check out our full range of HEMA free products now

July 05, 2023 — TEAM TWENTY™

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