Hey! Jersey called, they want their nails back!

The Mob Wife Aesthetic is BIG on social media right now but what exactly is it? Think animal prints, statement gold jewellery, huge hair, and arguably the most important piece of clothing this season, a fabulous faux fur coat. But the trend doesn’t stop there, nails are a key aspect of this look, whether it be a classic red mani in a super long stiletto shape, a thick 90's french or straight up animal print, The Mob Wife Aesthetic is serving achievable nail looks that will leave your clients channeling Carmela Soprano herself.


Stiletto nails are a Mob Wife’s weapon of choice, even more so than a slap across the face! Sexy blood-red talons are a staple look for this trend, the longer, the better...


Animal print is the ultimate in Mob Wife luxury. Pair with deep red, apply as a french tip or opt for a full leopard set, this look screams “New Jersey” where the higher the hair, the closer you are to God...


The beauty of a nineties french manicure is that you can chuck out the liner brush and go THICK. Truly embrace the Jersey vibe and get those smile lines grinning - capiche?!


If you’ve ever watched just one episode of The Soprano’s, you’ll know that Mob Wives nail ‘funeral chic’ and that almost always includes a black mani. Apply as a full colour or work into negative space frenchies.

January 25, 2024 — TEAM TWENTY™

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