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Builder gel

It’s hard to believe that builder gel is a product we were first introduced to only a few years ago. It’s popularity has reached soaring heights in recent years, with both manicurists and clients alike becoming completely dedicated to the system and its versatility. However, builder gel can still feel like quite a strange and cautionary product for some manicurists, including both those who are newly qualified and also those who are established in their careers but who have otherwise been committed to other gel systems. It can be equally confusing for prospective clients who have heard about builder gel and its many benefits, but are unsure of what to ask for and what to expect from it.


Therefore, we have put together a brief summary on what TWENTY’s own builder gel range, BUILD & BOOST™, is all about, why it’s a beneficial system to add to your skillset and who we recommend using it on!


What is BUILD & BOOST?

BUILD & BOOST is our signature builder gel system. The thicker viscosity of BUILD & BOOST compared to our gel polish means that, when cured, it creates a strengthening overlay for the natural nail, which is proven to reduce breakages and promote healthy growth. Every BUILD & BOOST product has an in-built base coat formulated to ensure maximal adhesion, meaning that so long as client aftercare is followed, there should be minimal risk of their manicure lifting or chipping.

who needs builder gel

Who is a suitable candidate for BUILD & BOOST?

BUILD & BOOST is ideal for clients wanting to start a nail growth journey. Due to its superior adhesion and durability, client’s nails will be protected sufficiently in order to allow healthy and sustained growth without the caution of nails breaking.

Similarly, if a client has long nails and wants to maintain this length or continue to grow them, BUILD & BOOST is a must for providing a strengthening layer that bolsters the durability and sturdiness of their nails. Long nails also typically require an apex to be built-in, which can only be done with builder or hard gel, not regular base coat. An apex ensures that the nail is structured sufficiently to prevent snapping or breaking at the corners.

what is builder gel

Which clients don’t need BUILD & BOOST?


Clients with short, strong nails who like to keep them at this length with minimal free edge likely won’t require a builder gel, as they aren’t on a nail growth journey. Our Rubber Base Coat provides the same superb adhesion as BUILD & BOOST, but with a manageable and thinner viscosity, perfect for a regular gel overlay.

October 31, 2023 — TEAM TWENTY™

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